Dirty hands, red earth, & clay creatures

During the last days of the year, in our living room with the warm light pouring in the from the window, I sat on a white chair before a small working table. I laid out a sheet of paper towel on it, brought out the air dry terracotta clay we bought months ago that I never got to use immediately, and began kneading it, molding it, trying to discover what creature was inside the clay, what it would become in my hands.

My First Time Taking up a Schoolism Class and the Importance of Learning

Truth be told, in some of my college classes before, the goal was just to pass. I was focused on grades and on just doing things out of compliance and never on producing good work. Well, I did pour my heart out in my personal pieces, but that’s a different story. I didn’t intend so much to learn then. I hope today, I’m making up for that lost time and chances.

My First Komiket Experience: Research, Marketing, Preparations, Pricing, and Displays

It all started when I messaged an online friend whom I met through Arriane Serafico’s Respark your Goal challenge. I knew her as Ate Joyce Melegrito a.k.a. Cloudybazookas. I think … Continue reading My First Komiket Experience: Research, Marketing, Preparations, Pricing, and Displays

Making Seedlings: A Short Story Collection

By now, you have probably known what Seedlings: A Short Story Collection is all about, but I haven’t shared much yet about making it. Prior to deciding and taking a trip abroad, I was already producing and making a layout for a book, but it was not Seedlings at all. Then when I decided to stay longer during this trip, I was pretty sure I won’t be able to continue working on it as my files are in the Philippines.

Shedding Light on my Step by Step Process of “Running”

Light adds such a distinct atmosphere to any illustration. Ever since I’ve been introduced to the works of Robert Kondo and Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi, I appreciated it even more, so I incorporate what I have learned and what I love in lighting to my artworks (and even the photographs I take!)

Growing up with art in my life

If you ask me how much I loved drawing or anything related to it, you will need patience and time, because it will be a long story. It will be my first time today to write extensively (from memory and previous artworks) and curate a few of my old drawings (traditional and digital) with the objective to document my growth as an artist and also as a person.