My First Time Taking up a Schoolism Class and the Importance of Learning

Truth be told, in some of my college classes before, the goal was just to pass. I was focused on grades and on just doing things out of compliance and never on producing good work. Well, I did pour my heart out in my personal pieces, but that’s a different story. I didn’t intend so much to learn then. I hope today, I’m making up for that lost time and chances.

My First Komiket Experience: Research, Marketing, Preparations, Pricing, and Displays

It all started when I messaged an online friend whom I met through Arriane Serafico’s Respark your Goal challenge. I knew her as Ate Joyce Melegrito a.k.a. Cloudybazookas. I think … Continue reading My First Komiket Experience: Research, Marketing, Preparations, Pricing, and Displays

Making Seedlings: A Short Story Collection

By now, you have probably known what Seedlings: A Short Story Collection is all about, but I haven’t shared much yet about making it. Prior to deciding and taking a trip abroad, I was already producing and making a layout for a book, but it was not Seedlings at all. Then when I decided to stay longer during this trip, I was pretty sure I won’t be able to continue working on it as my files are in the Philippines.

Shedding Light on my Step by Step Process of “Running”

Light adds such a distinct atmosphere to any illustration. Ever since I’ve been introduced to the works of Robert Kondo and Daisuke “Dice” Tsutsumi, I appreciated it even more, so I incorporate what I have learned and what I love in lighting to my artworks (and even the photographs I take!)

Growing up with art in my life

If you ask me how much I loved drawing or anything related to it, you will need patience and time, because it will be a long story. It will be my first time today to write extensively (from memory and previous artworks) and curate a few of my old drawings (traditional and digital) with the objective to document my growth as an artist and also as a person.