Watch Where You’re Reading Art Prints


Inspired by timeless books and stories, the Watch Where You’re Reading watercolor and ink set consists of eight 4×6″ illustrations printed on 250 gsm textured paper. Please indicate in the Notes upon Checkout which illustration you would like. Please refer to my Portfolio for the titles of each.


Sitting down, standing up, legs crossed, these little ones have their own reading positions, like you and I. We switch from sofa to chair, chair to bed, we lie down, and then we sit. No matter how many times we move wherever we are or shift positions, we know that our minds are someplace else with our imagination flying, singing, roaring. So be careful where you’re sitting, be observant where you’re going, for you may be perched on a leaf of a bean stalk or you may be walking along a yellow brick road. Dear reader, Watch Where You’re Reading!