Though She is Weak (Printed Edition)


My second self-published book, Though She is Weak, is a collection of my personal experiences of faith throughout my short life. Some were written at a time I was feeling very lost, unsure, and emotional about many things, some were written when I was in the wrong, some were written in clarity, but all was written in the Lord’s presence even when I wasn’t aware of it yet. I hope that if you read this book, you may find yourself in the person in the stories, for I touched on universal things, things that all of us feel at some point in our lives like loneliness, sin, and darkness. And I hope that through the little lessons I shared in this book, you may come to know more the source behind it all, the Sun, God, the Creator, in your life. AMDG.

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“All these years, I have thought that I was the lion.
I thought I was secure, unshaken, and sturdy,
until that one night when God proved me wrong.
He was the Lion, I was the cub.
He was the Shepherd, I was the lost sheep.
He was the Sun, the source of it all,
and I was the moon, a channel, a reflection.
He was the Brave and the Strong,
and I was the dependent and the weak.”

Though She is Weak chronicles the journey of a young woman from fear, doubt, sin, and loneliness to finding joy, peace, and love in God. It is not so much about her life but how the Divine saves and redeems us from the universal feelings of not being good enough and not loving ourselves at all. This book reminds us that
although we are weak, we can draw strength from the strong one, the source of everything good, for when we borrow light from the Sun, we can give light to others too.

Page Count: 210