We write, so we won’t forget

Digital, Exhibit Work, 2014

We Write so We Won't Forget

When hours stretch into midnight, the journalists do their best to bring out the story from the facts, so that by morning, the Filipinos can read more about the events that have passed. Stories go a long way; they can wake a nation to act and take the story that the news tells them about seriously. Journalists show that the news of the people who suffer from an epidemic, the politician who was labeled as corrupt but seeks repentance, the wars abroad, the voiceless Filipinos’ growth being hampered, should not end when we turn off the TV and put down the newspaper. We must relearn in the morning the lessons we have learned yesterday. We write so we are reminded of our humanity. We write, so we won’t forget.

An artwork I submitted for an exhibit organized by The New Builder, the Official Student Publication of Mapúa Institute of Technology, which was I was a member of during my college years (2009-2013).