This Child’s Dreams

Watercolor Painting and Ink, part of the art installation of Shelved Wishes Exhibit at Prism Gallery, Makati, Philippines, June 15 – 30, 2018

Shelved Wishes is a group of artists in the Philippines. They had an artist and writer call for the art installation of the exhibit, and I was fortunate to be included in the artist lineup along with fellow artists and friends. We were to draw our dreams when we were younger on 6×6 diamonds which represented stars. We have yet to see these dreams come true.

These three are my submitted artworks for the art installation: my own three shelved wishes.

Arli's Shelved Wishes

It’s Not So Dark in Space

My first ambition was to be an astronaut. Seeing that I can’t be one anymore, I can still explore space through art, writing, and reading.

A Library like Lola Esther’s

My Tita’s Mom had a library for kids before in Cavite, and it’s kind of what inspired me to dream of having a library for kids, especially the underprivileged children. I’ll make sure this happens in the future!

Long Distance

Most of our relatives live very far from us, and I grew up separately from my cousins. This is one of the deepest dreams when I was young: for my Mom, Dad, and I to just have a simple dinner together with our families someday. And it came true in the past four years. Now, I hope we could all be together with them in one land.