The Girl who Rained

The Girl who had rain for hair

Ink and Digital, 2017

There was a town where it always rained, and there was once a local girl who was unlike any other girl. Every time she brushed her long thick hair, it would rain; the more tangles she had, the stronger the rain was. Sometimes, there was even lightning and thunder.

Because she was scared of thunder, there was a time that she intentionally didn’t brush her hair. She had so many knots and tangles. When she finally brushed her hair, a storm took place not only in their town but in neighboring places as well. She was sorry for what she had allowed to happen because of her neglect.

After that, she brushed her hair, every day so only little rain would fall. The people didn’t have to water the plants anymore, because they had a neighbor who was unlike any other neighbor – the girl who rained.

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