We are Home

Mixed Media (Pencil and Adobe Photoshop), Exhibit Work, 2016

This series of illustrations were my submission to Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan’s 25th Anniversary Exhibit “Tinker Tales” in Ayala Museum last September 10 – October 16, 2016.


Home in the Morning – The Backyard
Growing up in the province has me in awe of the things that happen in our backyard. This is one based on a usual happening every morning where two of our dogs Liit and Viva would play with each other with one or two butterflies here and there, and our last cat Chibby (who sadly passed away last April 2016…) would lounge on the table or on the grass. This is home. 


Home in the Afternoon – The Dining Room
The golden afternoon light would always pass through the glass from the back of our home and into the kitchen. The dining room is dark, but the light shines through. Two of our dogs Portia (who passed away last December 2015…) and Pumpkin would sleep on their favorite spots on the floor. This is home. 

Home in the Evening – The Living Room
The night is cold, and the light bounces off the walls in our living room. In real life, some of our dogs stay inside our house, but some stay outside, but I wanted them all here inside in this illustration. Five of our dogs Patsy, Twixie, Luigi, Sweater, and Mocha (Mocha is the only one living now…) are here. We have a lot more dogs and cats who have passed away I wanted to be here too. This is home.

Home can be a lot of things. Home can be a lot of places. Home can be a lot of people. These three illustrations are ways I can express my yearning always for home where you’re safe, you’re accepted, and you’re loved.