Cleaner of the Bay

Digital, June 2018


Bubbles is a young woman who lives by the bay area. She teaches at a local school at the other side, so she traverses the shoreline from their small home across a number of beaches to reach the school.

And when school is done, she would run back her usual path with her trusty yellow eco bag, picking up plastic bottles, bags, discarded toothbrushes, and straws on the way home.

She hums a little happy song after class while cleaning up her beloved bay. Marine animals and birds follow her and say thank you to her for her deed.

But sometimes, when there’s just too much trash, Bubbles doesn’t pick them up one by one…

She just uses her superpower.

When she points her arms towards the sky and yells “Stick to me!”, all the unceremoniously disposed plastic trash within a 30km radius comes flying towards her and sticks to her hands.

When you see a flying plastic bag or straw somewhere, you know where it’s going. Fast.

I’ve always wanted to do something more with my art, and it’s about spreading awareness on how we can take care of animals and our environment. I made the sun like a clock and the light as if the sun is about to set soon to show the urgency of our need to act and pressing environmental issues. We don’t want to run out of time.

I hope this inspires others too to do the simple things like disposing our trash properly, or even better, try to lessen our wastes and usage of plastic.

Detail shots: