Watercolor, April 2015.

I would rather go through times of fear, discomfort, trials, and doubt with You than to live a comfortable, easy, happy life without You, Lord. Remind me always that true joy lie in You only and in being with our family, friends, and our neighbors.

It is not about going to faraway places nor being complimented – what do I gain if I only lived for myself and my happiness? Nothing. If the experiences You have given me will not make me love You and others more, then I have wasted them all.

If the gifts, lessons, talents and experiences that You’ve given me all throughout my life will only make me proud, judgmental, cynical, proud, mean, and envious, then may You take them all away and give them to somebody else who can preach Your love better than I can.

It is easy for my heart to be swayed, Lord, by what this world calls beautiful, cool, accepted, and praised, so please remind me always of Your truth. The world can offer us so many, but I will always be dissatisfied. But in Jesus, I will be set for this mortal life and for eternity. Give me Jesus, and I will live.

May my life be lived to glorify You and to share Your love to others. This is the only way I want to live my life – the way You want me to.

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