2 Corinthians 12:8-10

Hello dear friend, I’m Maria Carlizza Pagaduan, a cub resting near the Lion, a lost sheep found by the Shepherd, a sinner saved by grace and by love. You may call me by my nickname Arli.

I delight being with my family and friends, writing, drawing, and reading among other things, but I also enjoy listening to podcasts and interviews, playing with our pets and preparing their meals everyday, learning about new things and skills, cooking experimental dishes, baking, taking long walks, going places with family and friends, hiking (occasionally), listening to music, working on projects, reading about the conceptualization of animated films (and watch, of course!), taking photographs and videos, and doing chores (when my steady personality does not protest and make itself known!).

I’ve been blogging since 2006 during my second year of high school and writing for student publications from 2002 to 2013. I love writing, and it’s my way of reflecting on my life and the events happening around us. I hope to write (and draw) always with a heart, a reminder that my former boss told me that I should do. May you and I, dear friend, always remember to do everything with heart.

Why Quiet Maria?

Quiet Maria is my blog where I share my thoughts and sentiments on life, art, faith, and travels through words, photographs, and drawings. I chose Quiet Maria because being quiet is something that is inherent in me, and silence reminds me to listen more intently to God and the people around me.

Meanwhile, Maria came from my first name. I share the same name with my Mom and also Mama Mary as Maria is a variation of Mary. This is my little tranquil place of giving respect to the life and name I was graciously given and sharing the gifts and lessons that God has blessed me with. I hope we get to grow with each other through this place, and feel free to share your thoughts as well! Expect entries about books I’ve read, people I love and look up to, traveling, art, faith, creative processes, films, and some works-in-progress (if we’re lucky!).

I pray that through this blog, I can stay true to what God wants me to do in this fleeting life, and spread His light in my own little way, along with many others who speak boldly yet humbly of the beautiful things: family, friends, hope, kindness, forgiveness, repentance, wisdom, redemption, joy, and love.

Oftentimes, I say I miss writing, but I have been writing at times – minimally. Maybe what I missed is writing fearlessly. Without fear, love enters again.

Maybe I can write again.

Let us begin here.




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