Art Roundup 1

Hello, guys!

I’ll be posting a few of my artworks here – studies and practice drawings.

Protect thy Heart

Protect the heart
“Brother, when I grow up, you will protect me from any boy who will try to love me, right?” said the young girl. Her brother laughed and replied, “You protect your own heart, but not from love, kid. Not from love.”

I downloaded the 7-day trial of the latest Adobe Photoshop CC, and I was happy to be able to use Kyle T. Webster‘s brushes! His brushes are now free to Creative Cloud subscribers. Thank you, Adobe and Kyle, for sharing these amazing resources.

A nICE Love Story

Everything was dark at first. Two strangers decided to skate on ice. Both barely saw what was in front of them, but they did hear sounds on ice. They got closer and closer…
And as if by magic, there was light above them. A girl saw a boy. A boy saw a girl. They saw each other.
Suddenly, everything seemed brighter from that short encounter. Dawn came early for two hearts.

My Dad remarked that I should try animating this. I’ll try it sometime!


“Tala” ang ipinangalan niya sa kaniyang anak, dahil sa gabing siya’y isinilang, maraming tuldok at kislap ng liwanag ang nasa langit. Si Tala ang isa sa mga anak ni…

English Translation: “Tala” is what she named her daughter, because when she was born, there were plenty of pinpricks of light in the sky. Tala is one of the children of…

Meet Tala. I’m inspired by our Philippine culture and history lately, especially the precolonial because of my cousin Jango. My helping out as a stretcher for him too when he had his batok on his calf sparked the interest, for we heard lots of our ancestors’ stories from his friend @lanewilcken who is a mambabatok. Slowly coming back to our roots and showing our respect, appreciation, and love for our people and land through art. (And who thinks Filipino names like Tala should be given more often?) 

Nurture Yourself

“Show me where he is.”
Approaching her thirties, she was curious as to who she would be spending her whole life with. But her crystal, an heirloom from her great grandmother, did not budge at all. It stayed right where it was, suspended in the middle of her two hands.
Upset, she just stared at the crystal, until it started pointing somewhere.
It moved closer towards her heart.
Maybe the crystal did that, because she was not her best self yet, or she was not doing anything at all to improve.
“Nurture yourself first,” came the words in the young woman’s mind.
“Nurture yourself first.”

Inspired by one of the many lessons I learned in the past months: self-love.

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