On embracing the role and the gift

As an artist, it’s both a necessity and a desire to have your own website.

Upon deciding this January of 2017 that I will do illustration and design work full-time, I knew that I had to be ready with my portfolio, update my resume, research, and hone my skills.

And I was able to act on these, along with creating a Facebook Page, launching a RedBubble shop, and accomplishing this main WordPress website for my portfolio and blog updates during the first quarter of 2017.

It’s been a dream of mine to have my own website where I could have my personalized domain name, a gallery of my recent and old works, a professional theme, and a blog to write about art and other relevant topics. I’m thankful to God, my family, and friends for supporting me with these endeavors of mine.

As I typed the welcome message of the home page, I was wary at first when I put ‘artist.’ Well, I am always wary of having to use the word ‘artist’ associated with me.


Is it because of the few number of years of experience?

Is it the doubt and the fear of not being good enough to be called an artist?

I am no stranger to these worries, but I still put those words in the welcome message. I have a problem with nouns – I’d rather say I write, I draw, I illustrate, I create art.

Then again, I’d have to call myself something, right?

I realize that verbs may take action, but nouns can be the constants that we remind ourselves with. They can be where we anchor our identities to like child, daughter, son, friend, artist.

Moreover, they can be the values we hold deeply and center our work, process, purpose, work ethics, and creativity on like humility, integrity, life-affirmation, encouragement, teachability, and truth.

Although, we have to be careful in solely putting our identity on our work. We are more than what we do as well, but for the purpose of this entry, I focused on a specific role and gift.


Maybe this is more than just a website – it is a chance for me to whole-heartedly accept this particular gift from God (the talent, the support from my parents, family, and friends, and the opportunities to grow), opening the package, and using the contents to their full potential.

I hope to do these, until I can finally say that I’ve fully embraced my role as an artist and my gift from God who is the source of all gifts (not just art!). I’m excited to learn, to grow, and to create. There’s so much to discover, many subjects to draw, and countless stories to write!

Hello, friend, I am Maria Carlizza Pagaduan, a Filipina multimedia artist who loves to illustrate, write, and to create art that is life-giving.

Expect entries like this on the blog that revolve around illustration, animation, creativity, the convergence of art + faith and other values, processes, and other related topics.

May we both grow not just as artists but individuals as well who will use their gifts, talents, responsibilities, and time with a heart and for a bigger purpose than ourselves.

Let us begin here. Thank you for reading!

From the girl who loves to draw light,


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  1. I’ve become wary of calling myself an artist too. Hopeful to finally set up my own website and celebrate with you soon! ❤✨

    1. Go, Denise! I’m excited for that reveal of your new website. More people need to see and read more of you writings, photos, and art. 🙂

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